A value proposition is a statement that explains why a consumer should buy your product or use your service. It’s not your mission/vision statement, a description of your company’s values, a product/service description or an ad.

And it’s important. Because this statement is often the first opportunity you’ll have to convince a potential consumer that your product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than any of your competitors.

There are different formats you can follow:

Single headline: this can be a stand-alone sentence or phrase or with a sub-headline, although if you have a strong value-describing tagline, it can be used as your value proposition.
Sub-headline: usually below your main headline, this further explains the unique value you’re providing. This can be anywhere from one sentence to a short paragraph with two or three sentences. Bullet points can be used to provide specific examples of key features or benefits.


One of the key steps in building a successful marketing campaign is taking the time to truly articulate a compelling value proposition.
value proposition

Take time to articulate a compelling value proposition

Is your value proposition easy to understand? A potential customer should be able to understand the delivered value without further explanation.

Is it in the language of the customer? Not how you or your industry describe it but in the language your consumer is already using with their peers to describe the product/service and the benefits they seek.

Does your value proposition answer these questions in 5-10 seconds?


How and why are you better than the competition? Tell your customer what makes your offering unique and different.

Are you addressing the customer’s pain point? When your customer knows you “understand” their pain, you’ve developed trust and they want to read further because they now believe you may be able to provide the relief they seek.

What is your customer’s end-benefit of using your product/service? Once they trust you and are reading further, you can use bullet points to show how your product will solve the their problems or improve their situation.

There is no substitute for a strong and well crafted value proposition. It’s the door your customer has to walk through for your company’s success.

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