What Others Are Saying

We, at Antirion, really believe in what we do.  Here are just a few examples of how our clients have seen the immediate benefits because of their experience with Antirion.

Anik Singal
Founder/CEO, LURN, INC
“Absolutely eye-opening and amazing… Antirion’s team has come in and helped us realize, immediately, what the biggest opportunities are… Getting advice in technology, marketing, operations, finance, hiring and in all aspects. …it’s not just one type of advice. If you have a chance to work with Antirion, with William De Temple or anyone in that team, you gotta jump for it!”

Mike Filsaime
“I really wish that, when I formed my previous company, that I would’ve started working with Antirion at that time ……..What I most like about Antirion is their personal approach to coaching CEO’s”

Britnie Turner
Founder/CEO Aerial Development Group
“The quality of people and resources…has just been mind-boggling!”

“I’ve worked with William De Temple for more than twenty-five years as a fellow member of a CEO roundtable, then as a member of his corporate advisory board. William is a rare breed of business people, capable of hatching and nurturing great ideas that turn into great enterprises. There are few individuals you’ll ever meet with more determination to get the job done, the vision realized, the customer satisfied and anxious for more.”

Dave Berkus

Managing Partner, Kodiak Ventures, LP

JT DeBolt
Founder/President DeBolt Enterprises
“They really opened our eyes and helped us maximize some of the programs and products that we had out there…now we are able to help more people.”

“I have sat across the table from William De Temple as a senior lender during complex negotiations. My experience is that William is a tireless, tenacious turnaround specialist with excellent communication and listening skills, and that he puts his fiduciary duty to his shareholders and stakeholders above all else.”

Dr. Jonathan P. Knight

President, CTI Capital Management

Tony Ricciardo
CEO Cool Seal Gaskets
“I was working 80 hours a week… Antirion taught me how to realize my goal and…hire people to do the mundane tasks that I was doing myself and freed me [to do] my business.”

Frank Reiger
Owner and CEO of Sol-Up USA
“We hired Antirion to help us with raising the necessary capital and especially get us in front of the right people who can make things like this happen.”

Craig Jacbos
Spine Specialist Global
“It’s been a really great investment for me, personally. We’ve never invested in a coach like this before. So we’re so excited that we did and the results that were getting are 10x, what the investment is! So if you’re ever thinking of looking for a great company to guide you, give you the right information at the right time, to help grow your business, and to be there for you whenever you really need them, I totally recommend Antirion.”

Daven Michaels
“William opens up a whole new world for you! He has so many connections, he has so much knowledge, and so many ways to raise capital because there’s a myriad of different options when it comes to raising capital. So, if you’re somebody that really wants to shoot for the stars, take your business to a whole other level, William is the person to take you there. I highly suggest that you work with them if you want to win.”

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