How do you hire and retain employees so both you and they are still happy years down the road?

Hiring good people who work diligently and stay for years is a common big challenge entrepreneurs face, so please don’t feel there’s anything wrong with you.  In over 40 years of hiring executives, managers and staff I’ve developed a number of screening and vetting processes. They’ve consistently helped me find those people who will excel in the long-term in the company.


I’ll start by talking about staff hires because they’re the bulk of every company’s hires.  It’s important to understand that what inspires and motivates staff is totally different from what brings managers or executives on board.  This means it’s important for you to be able to put yourself in your potential employee’s shoes.


Clearly defined responsibilities

Retaining good employees is not as easy as you may think it should be… One of the reasons is that there must be a good connection between employees and their responsibilities.  Too often, vague job descriptions lead to new employees working in significantly different jobs than they were hired to do.

Hopefully you have both QA and QC in your company. They’ve detailed information on the job function every employee in the company is responsible for and they’ve shared this with HR so everyone has a clear understanding of what skill sets the new employee must have (or be able to be trained in) in order to deliver high value to the company.

Often times a good prospective employee will have great work ethics but not have the necessary skill sets.  As the employer, you have one of two options: a) through the new employee into the job and see if they sink or swim or b) learn what training this new employee needs to be 100% effective in their new job.

What we have learned is that the best way to ensure low turnover and high productivity is to send the new employee to a training course in their first 90 days.  When a new employee receives the benefit of attending a multi-day training course that’s directly related to their job responsibilities they 1) feel appreciated 2) feel respected and 3) become more engaged in their job.


Strong foundation for new employees

These results lay a strong foundation for a new employee to feel inspired by their new job and give back through greater work ethics.  When you treat all your employees in this manner, word will spread through the community of staff prospects – this will build your company’s reputation as a great place to work and will attract the best staff prospects to apply for a job with your company.

As your company grows, it’s easy for your company to lose its way, so maintaining a strong HR department along with QA and QC to keep HR up to date on the changes that take place through growth is essential.

Please join me next Monday when I’ll discuss the hiring of managers and executives.

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William De Temple CEO Antirion LLc

William De Temple, CEO Antirion LLc

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