As your business grows you will want even need to take on staff, but when and who so, today we look at the 4 company signs your company is ready to hire a VPM

“From my experience, the marketing department is one of the entrepreneur’s most valuable assets in building a company. They check their emotions at the door and are very pragmatic thinkers. Their reputation is dependent on new products being successful.”  

William De Temple, Raise Capital Quickly

Is My Company Ready To Hire a VPM?  

Often, your company’s growth will point the way…

  • You can afford a real marketing budget. 

    If your marketing budget has grown enough to run campaigns across numerous channels, it’s time. A VPM will have experience in effectively allocating a larger budget, optimizing campaigns and driving ROI. And investors love to see an experienced VPM they know will drive the kind of growth that maximizes their investment in your business.

  • Your brand is starting to compete against known industry leaders.

    Your stage just got bigger, which is exactly what you wanted.  Now it’s time to bring in a VPM to standardize and elevate all of your brand touchpoints. At this level, your message needs to be crisp and in line with your strategy across every channel and platform

  • The messages coming from your company’s employees, managers and executives are all different.

    Press releases aren’t the only times you communicate with the public.  And with each new hire, your message can become diffused within your company. A strong VPM will create a united marketing front through the creation and delivery of brand-based messages and coaching for everyone from your customer service to your executive team.

  • You’re evolving from marketing execution to marketing strategy.

    You’re ready to scale your business and that means designing a game-plan to support high-growth targets across markets, industries, and geographies. You need a strong VPM to generate the market research that will identify competitive growth opportunities as well as put the right strategy, people, programs, processes, and technology in place to accelerate your growth goals.

Marketing is one of the 8 Essential Internal Practices every company must have to achieve success.  Hiring a Vice President of Marketing is a fiscally sound investment you can make in your company’s growth.

The skills required of your VPM will vary depending on your organisation. The use of the internet in expanding a market whether locally or globally are skills a modern VPM will need. Digital Marketing is a specialist skill and many companies are now looking at this as a important element of their growth and scalability strategy. The VPM will need to be conversant with modern as well as traditional practises.

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William De Temple CEO Antirion LLc

William De Temple CEO Antirion LLc

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