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Is it time to hire a vice president of sales?

Sales is one of the 8 Essential Internal Practices every company must have in order to achieve success. You know if you want to grow and scale your business, at some point your company will need someone to build, recruit, incentivize, coach and manage a sales team.  In other words, a Vice President of Sales.

But how do you know when your company is ready?  You’re an entrepreneur and growing your business so you’re probably running your sales team – how do you know when it’s time to bring someone in?  

Take a look below – If any of this is true for your company, it’s time.

You have a repeating sales process.  A repeating sales cycle is the raw ingredient a VPS needs to grow your business. You’ve identified your sales cyle’s key steps and strategies, now a VPS can step in and ramp-up sales efficiency, help salespeople sell more and attract good quality sales hires.

You have a well-functioning marketing department in place. Your marketing strategy is in play, you’re on the map and you’re set to achieve growth. You’re marketing team is targeting competitive growth opportunities, generating leads and setting the groundwork for an experienced VPS to accelerate your aggressive growth goals.

You have 2-4 sales reps and you’re acting as the head of sales. Running a business takes a lot of time from your schedule and so does sales. Once you start to grow, your focus will have to shift more to providing company-wide leadership and direction and less to any individual department.  An experienced VPS will be focused solely on sales strategy and implementation, expanding your sales force and maximizing revenue per leads.

Your product or service is ready for prime time. You have a strong offering and you know it.  All of the bugs have been worked out of your product or service, which is music to your investor’s ears, but they want more.  It’s time to reassure your investors with a strong VPS to drive your sales.

Hiring a VPS adds credibility to your company and announces you’re serious about scaling your company.

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