Business owners are being told to apply business process automation in order to scale their companies.

Are you one of these owners?  Can your business really be scaled using business process automation?  Why are some businesses more adept at having automation help them scale?  Can every type of business use business process automation to scale its revenue?  And bottom line?

There are many different types of business models.  And it’s important to fully understand the pros and cons of using automation to scale your business type.  You must also fully understand the benefits and weaknesses of applying business process automation.  The answer to one question is: Every business can use business process automation to scale.  And like everything, there is a “but”…

Can a technology company use automation to scale?  Can a manufacturer use automation to scale?  How about a service company?  Can every type of business use automation to scale?  The answer to these questions is yes.  Which business is more adept at using technology to scale?  All can be very adept at using technology to scale.  But each company needs to use the technology best suited to its particular business model.


business process automationTechnology Companies

Technology companies essentially need automation to scale.  The surprising point is they need the same type of automation as all the other business models.

A technology company may inherently use automation to help it scale.  This often is due to its natural infrastructure.  A software company creates programs that perform tasks.  These tasks may help the end user track their customers.  It may track orders placed, products shipped, invoices and payments.  It may do hundreds of different things.  Or the company may create a consumer product.  Because of their innate skills, managements natural inclination is to automate.

The truth is every company must use automation to scale.  Where many founders get overwhelmed is:  Which is the best business process automation for their business?


business process automation

Service Companies

A service company may be all about feet on the street.  This is true to a certain point.  The more feet on the street the faster their company will grow.  The fact is today you can use automation to find the prospect that those feet on the street are looking to serve.  No business can scale without automation.  The bigger point is every business has different financial metrics.  These allow it to succeed, struggle, or fail.  Successful companies focus on costing their product or service properly.  This requires correct budgets across every department.  And this delivers real net profit margin.  Now the company can and will scale.


Embracing Automation to Scale Your Business

Every business should embrace business process automation.  This technology will ensure the company has real net profit.  Therefore, we train on the 8 essential practices to achieve success.  And the 4 essential practices to achieve massive success.  Each of these practices uses the technology of business process automation in different ways.  And combined they create massive synergy.

…But no matter how great the automation is, it must be used correctly.  The phrase “garbage in equals garbage out” was coined by those who know and understand that technology itself will not make anything operate better.

Often when working with clients we learn their automation technology is not properly set up.  Or the chosen automation was not the best for their business.  Or that the employees were not properly trained.  These employees don’t understand the consequences that a minor error can create.  For management, it can feel like driving down a one-way street the wrong way.  And your brakes don’t work.

Don’t fear automation.  Embrace automation, it will scale your company.  It can and will increase your bottom line results.  It can take your company to the levels you dream of.  Just make certain you have independent third-party advisors.  These are experts only concerned with your company’s fiscal health. They will help you scale your company.  Using their real-world experience.

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