As an entrepreneur, creating a daily routine is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself and your company’s success.

Whether you work from your home in pajamas or you head to your office in suit and tie, your life is full of business decisions, research, strategizing, networking and running a company. You have so much to do and so little time to do so. Getting off track and becoming distracted with nonessentials can happen in a flash. By creating a productive routine, you can make a big difference in how much you accomplish on a daily basis.

Think about the daily routine that you currently follow…  Does it work for you?  Do you get daily, measurable results?  Could you improve it?


Getting Things Done

Do you know any successful entrepreneurs without a daily routine?  An effective daily routine is a proven way to manage your time so you can get more accomplished.


How does a daily routine help you to accomplish more?


daily routine A daily routine helps take the decision-making process out of your way.

You no longer have to contemplate, decide or wait to the last minute. When you build a task into your daily routine, you eliminate “decision paralysis” and you’re more likely to accomplish it. And when you take the guesswork out of what you should be doing, you create time for doing and accomplishing tasks.


Tasks in your daily routine become automatic.

And you may not even have time to realize they’ve been accomplished. You simply do what you have to do before your mind has time to become preoccupied with other activities, distractions or excuses. And once you’re finished with a task, you already know what’s next on your schedule.


You become more efficient.

By following a routine, you naturally increase the efficiency of the tasks you’re accomplishing. Because more likely than not, the skills we’ve mastered, we’ve mastered through repetition.


It creates balance.

Following a daily routine creates a sense of ownership, order, and organization in your daily life.  It adds an element of positive predictability to counteract the surprises and unpredictable events that pop-up. It instills a sense of balance and peace.



Creating the habit of a daily routine enables you to focus on your priorities and get the most important things done first and out of the way. What if, when you went to sleep tonight, you already knew the three most important things you need to accomplish in the morning?  Ending your day with a list of your goals for the next day allows you to get the prioritizing out of the way. It also improves the quality of your sleep because you’re not going to bed focused on what you need to accomplish in the morning.


A daily routine eliminates wasted time
daily routine

You wake up and ‘do’ instead of wake up and ‘plan’








“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell

Let’s face it, we all have a routine – whether we acknowledge it or not. The question is:  Do you have a productive routine that helps you achieve your goals?  Or does your routine work against your goals?

What changes do you think you can make to create a more successful daily routine?  What unproductive routines are you ready to let go of?

Take your daily routine seriously – it’s the fuel that powers your goals.

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