Part of a series examining Core Values and how to create them for your growing business.


If you look around, you’ll notice that many of the same core values are used over and over again by companies around the world. There’s a good reason why. Core values are universal – they express qualities we respect, admire and seek to embody in our personal life as well as in our company.  They’re a simple and yet powerful way of continually guiding our decision-making as well as our interactions with our clients and each other.

What are some of the core values that are most often used by companies? Are these on your core value list?

Common Values

  • Accountability – Accountability requires everyone to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.  It can be applied to both individual accountability on the part of employees and accountability of the company as a whole.
  • Integrity – Ethics, honesty and adherence to moral principles that are set by the company’s leader.
  • Work/Life Balance – Taking a stand to create and maintain a healthy balance between work life and home life.
  • Innovation – Coming up with new and creative ideas that have the potential to make a big difference in the world or in your customer’s lives.
  • Commitment – Committing to a great product or service.
  • Ownership – Taking ownership of your customers and your company as if they were yours on a personal level.
  • Perseverance – Committing to a course of action even when difficulties or obstacles appear.
  • Respect – Respect everyone regardless of their race, religion, gender, size, age, or country of origin. This means implementing policies and procedures consistently so people feel that they are treated fairly and equally.
  • Social Responsibility – Your company’s commitment to people, society and the environment.
  • Teamwork – encouraging openness to new ideas and opinions and cooperating with others.


Your Company’s Core Values

Core values aren’t just a “corporate” thing to do – they shape your culture, define the character of your company (for your employees as well as the public) and guide your behavior and decision making.

If you don’t create your company’s core values purposely, they will evolve over time – not as a reflection of your values but of the collective core values of others.

How do you feel about your company’s current core values?

Do they inspire confidence and loyalty from both your customers and employees?

Are there any values that you’d like to add or replace?


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