If you’re asking yourself  “Do I need a full-time HR person?”  You probably do.  

Like most business owners, you and your office manager have been handling all things HR since the beginning.  But now that your company is expanding, you’re starting to get a vague feeling of unease that things are growing out of hand and important things may be slipping through the cracks.  In fact, some may already have.  Is it time to hire a full-time HR person now or can it wait?


5 Reasons Your Company Needs an HR Person Now

Does your company need a full-time HR person?

Let’s take a look at 5 indicators that now may be the time to hire a full-time HR person.


You’re Googling labor laws or calling your attorney with HR questions – and it’s keeping you up at night. Your business is growing and you’re no longer sure how to stay compliant or even what laws apply to your business at this stage. What’s scary is that you don’t know if you’re doing something wrong that may come back to bite you. And as you’ve witnessed with other companies, it’s a bite that can be expensive as well as damaging to the image you’re branding team has worked so hard to create.

Your company is growing. There are certain milestones to consider. 
25 -30+ employees: The sheer number is too heavy a burden for an office manager to handle in addition to their other duties.

50+ employees: the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as well as any laws specific to your federal, state, and local governments, kick in. (By the way, if you’re wondering how to implement these – you need an HR person.)

Your benefits are in disarray.  Important deadlines are being missed. Paperwork is being submitted incorrectly. You’re no longer sure which compensation and benefit packages are the best fit and you simply don’t have the time to sort through it like you used to. Yearly plan reviews, negotiations for group health care benefits, administrative processing and compliance shouldn’t be rushed through. An HR person will handle time-consuming employee/family questions, too.

Office issues are distracting you from running your company. Office disagreements, minor disciplinary actions, family issues and general office drama can derail your day in a second. A good HR person will keep you abreast of the bigger employee issues and handle the day-to-day events so you can focus on running and growing your company.  

The hiring process is inefficient and it’s created high turnover.  As your business grows, the hiring and onboarding process, performance management, recruitment, staffing and training can quickly grow out of hand without a dedicated HR person.  And high turnover rates affect your productivity, morale and bottom line.

Managing human resources for a growing company is a full-time job.

The more employees you have the more important it is to have a dedicated HR person to keep your company in compliance with the law, help your employees succeed, and hire the best people.

Wearing many hats is part of an entrepreneur’s job description.  So is being wise enough to know when it’s time to let one of them go.

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