Control freak. Workaholic. Business owners who fall into one or more of these groups usually have one thing in common: difficulty delegating. Often, these managers are none of the above. They simply haven’t mastered the art of delegation.

A common trait that entrepreneurs share, is their intolerance of laziness. That trait is a big part of their success. With that comes a level of guilt — if they can do more, they should. And in a new business, there’s always more that you can do.

No matter how painful it may be, delegation is an essential skill all owners must master to succeed. Delegation will not only give you more space and time to devote yourself to do what you do best — visionary idea –, but you’ll also empower your team. Being self-aware enough to recognize this is step one. It’s hard to do, but it is worth doing?
Humility is an underrated trait for a leader. By counting on your team and accepting you can’t do it all, you’ll accomplish far much more as a group than you could have ever achieved alone.

Here are some tips you should put into consideration when delegating.

delegatingUtilize Your Time To Educate Your Employees

How many times have you felt too busy to train someone? While training others, you cultivate confidence in handing off a task and show your team members that you value their growth. Effective teaching is its own worthwhile skill you can practice here — if it too becomes difficult, put it in your mind that not only are you enhancing your employee’s growth, you are also strengthening your company too.


Delegate Tasks That Prioritize Your Employees’ Careers With Increased Responsibility

Every business owner knows that the most successful businesses are the ones with a strong team. For your employees to grow individually, they should have chances to prove themselves. You may fear that if you empower them and expand their skill, they’ll just leave. Concerning that, the plain truth is just that, if you don’t, you should be more worried that they stay. Delegate tasks that make your team members go outside their comfort zone and challenge them to reach a new level of leadership and creativity.


Be Thoughtful About What You Can Hand Off

Get a picture of tasks you have on hand and evaluate the ones that are not using your skills and time to the fullest. For those tasks that emerge as delegate-able, incorporate delegation into your existing workflow through project management plans and staff development. You do not want delegation to be just another task you have to do, but rather a natural part of your business existing processes.



Recognize that learning and teaching is not always a linear process, and it does not happen overnight or smoothly. The person you have chosen to delegate to might not understand exactly what you are saying the first time. They might put in a good effort but fall short. Don’t use this as an excuse to seize the responsibility back. Use it as an avenue to learn to recognize where the process went wrong and how you can improve it.


delegatingGet Out Of The Way

Tell your employee to “make it awesome” and let them run with it. They need to know you have a high expectation but want them to get there without having to hold their hand. Instead of forcing your employee to do the work exactly how you want, appreciate and respect the various styles they use to get to the final result. Ensure the technical aspects of the task are clearly defined but leave room for independent brainstorming. If you’ve hired well, your mentorship will plant the seed for great ideas you may never have even considered.
Being a confident leader means accepting that you aren’t a superhero. You’ve hired your team members to bring skills to the table that you lack. Use smart delegation techniques to enhance the growth of your employees — and watch your business grow amazingly.

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William De Temple, CEO Antirion LLC

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