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Every company has the ability to become a $100 Million Dollar Company.

Antirion inspires business owners how to achieve their growth by providing critical and practical, real world business coaching to businesses on how to create a stable, scalable and investment-grade company so they can develop sustainable, highly profitable, rapid growth enterprises from every level to greater success.  Our vision is to become the business education and capital sources for entrepreneurs and growth companies.

“Any business can be scaled to $100 million. Look how Starbucks scaled a coffee shop into a global business. Disney started with a mouse…McDonald’s cloned a quick hamburger... No matter what your business does, in today’s world $100 million is within your reach.”

William De Temple

Founder/CEO, Antirion, LLC


Begin the process of learning what you don’t know to build a sustainable, highly profitable company through our coaching solutions.


Discover how to engage your strengths, coaching that increases your team’s productivity, and get specialized training courses.


Our business coaching will help you with implementing of all that you have learned.

“The quality of people and resources…has just been mind-boggling!”

Britnie Turner

“They really opened our eyes and helped us maximize some of the programs and products that we had out there…now we are able to help more people.”

JT DeBolt

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